Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Designed to Color Challenge Crew Introduction!!

With all the changes here at DTC this past month, I am happy to announce the NEW DTC Challenge Crew!  And with a new crew comes some new changes... yes more changes!  But I promise you, they are AWESOME!!  We now have TWO crews!  The Rainbow Crew and the Glitter Crew.  With the two crews we are always going to have TWO challenges a month!  That's right, DTC Challenges are now bi-monthly!  See, I told you that it wouldn't be anything bad... change can be good!!  Now, let's the talent that is The Design to Color Challenge Crew!!


Carisa said...

I am so excited for each of you gals!!! Can't wait to see all the fun creations you color up during your term. :D

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